Has Spring Sprung?

Hello there, 

Sorry, it’s been so long since we settled down for a chat. How are you keeping? Are you enjoying the spring? I’m not sure that it’s quite sprung yet, but we are certainly enjoying it here at Animal Gifts Towers, and fear not our scarves from Quintessential are perfect for keeping that brisk spring breeze at bay. We have had a very busy Easter period, but never fear! There is still plenty of time to get your hands on something delightful to brighten up your garden or bring a little joy to your kitchen. Our Roy Kirkham china brings the joy of spring to your table. There is a cup or mug for every occasion, and with these designs, it will feel like you’re spoiling yourself every day. 

We have been celebrating a number of birthdays in the past few weeks, and they were made all the more special with our Amelia Florence Gift wrap, which is perfect for anyone and everyone celebrating a special day. Why not add to their day by bringing the joys of spring into your home with our delightful vases and hanging baskets? 

If you have particularly green fingers it may interest you to know that all of the packaging is recyclable and our packing peanuts? (not sure what they’re called) are compostable. In fact, because they are made from vegetable starch they will really help give the soil that extra boost it needs after the winter months. While tending your garden you might want to pick up some of our lovely garden ornaments, our fence post toppers, add a bit of character to your space and some wind chimes will bring it peace and tranquillity, which is something we all need at this busy time! 

With spring cleaning season well underway, you might be looking to add some personalised art to your home, or perhaps gift a loved one a portrait. If so, we have the answer, our resident artist Karen Jane is taking commissions, so do send your enquiries through the website and we will help you realise your heart’s desires. 

As ever, if there is anything we can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Wish you a joyful springtime, 


Amelia x

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