New Year

Happy New year from all of us at Animal Gifts. I really hope you’ve all had a lovely festive period and start to 2023. So far we have been really merrily trotting along into the new year. As I write this I’m sitting by the fire with the Head of FR (Feline Resources) Margot. Having a lovely cup of tea from one of our Roy Kirkham Breakfast Cups and Saucers, I really love these cups, they’re that perfect mix of delicate and dainty, but also big enough to have a proper cup of tea in them.

January is a difficult time for so many of us, with the darker mornings and evenings, and the bitter cold snap that we are going through here at the moment. Though that is perfect for all the night owls out there. If you have a night owl with a birthday coming up, our owl vases are the perfect gift. But if the dark is getting you down, never fear, evoke much sunnier climes with this koala vase. You might not be in the Australian sun, but what’s the harm in bringing one of Australia’s cutest citizens into your home? If you are gifting any of your purchases, check out our unique and beautiful gift wrap from Amelia Florence. 

I find that the winter months are the perfect time to snuggle up with a book, but me being me I find myself reading several books at the same time. So if you are like me it might be worth picking up a few of our delightful bookmarks so that you never lose your place in the story ever again. Not only that, I find that these bookmarks are an excellent way to brighten commutes and might spark one of those rare but lovely phenomenons, the conversation with a stranger on a train. Nothing brings me more joy in these winter months than through brief moments of connection as you go about your daily life.


Maybe like me, you have set a new years resolution to write more, whether that be journaling, blogs or letter writing. I find sprucing up my writing space at the beginning of the year really helps with that, our stationary section has really helped there. Our range of paperweights has made my desk a much nicer place to be, maybe it can do the same for you.  

Looking forward to spring, if you’re looking for inspiration for your garden do cast your eye over our garden section, it might be the place you find the piece that you can build your garden around, or perfect the vision you already have for your garden. 

Hanging basket brackets are one of our best sellers we have many designs available.

Until next time, stay safe, and happy shopping, 




Easter 2022

Hello all,

With Easter soon approaching I thought it was time to do yet another blog post!

We are thankful for our customers as we have been very busy!

Easter this year is all about the bunnies and egg cups…

Moon gazing hares are a cute addition to any home!
But we must not forget our Dutch Rabbit Collection!

There are so many options for egg cups so I shall show you one of my personal favourites!

Nothing shows your love of the countryside quite like our pheasant collection.

All our products including a vast array of designs of egg cups are available on our website:

Don’t forget you can personalise your gift with our bespoke range of gift wrap and handwritten messages.

Wether you are treating yourself or someone special we hope you have a lovely Easter!


Amelia Florence



Another Chapter

Hello everyone,

As the new year has begun I would like to thank all our lovely customers who purchased throughout 2021, and hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Christmas for us was absolutely great, doing Animal Gifts throughout the run up and beyond it always makes me feel very grateful to have our business as we love hearing the reviews from customers.

I am very pleased to say that as we start this new chapter I shall be designing even more gift wrap which I am beyond excited to do. I have been inspired by requests and would like to add to our gift wrap range.

If you wish to hear about new products don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our website or give us a follow on instagram – @animalgifts4u

Wishing everyone a good year ahead!

Amelia Florence